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It all start in 1986.  My husband, Terry and I were married.  We decided to get a dog so we ran down to the Human Society and rescued a German Shepard Chow mix and named her August.  When August did not grow up BIG my husband wanted a big dog and I said "Get a Great Dane." and he did.  That was the start of a great love affair - Kim Che came into our life and was devoted to my husband - August and I were on the side lines.  

When Kimmy passed we were at a loss. While at a dog show in Deland we found handler Patrick Thomas and he had a dog for us.  Demi walked into our life and she was pure DIVA, not show quality but she did not know that.  Then her sister, Connie, showed up and she was show quality - and hated the ring.  I am going to sit, lay down in the ring just get me out of here.  That was Connie's motto.   

With the passing of Connie and Demi 8 years later.  We began our search for a real show dog with Patrick's help we found Sunrise Kennels in New Jersey - Melissa Dreyer and Kathy Strouse let us have Java.  Now it is the beginning of our ValTer Danes.  Behind the scenes for 20 years we are now ready to show with Java as our foundation.  


Valerie & Terry Wagner


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